About Us

Our mission is to help and arm all music, and artistic professionals with having the right legal documentation at an affordable cost. OnlineMusicContracts.Com has over 100 contracts available for download for various Music, Photography, and Digital purposes. Contracts are free, and others are no more than $10. Our site will save you hundreds of dollars in attorney fees, and research.

OnlineMusicContracts.Com was inspired and founded by John M. Perez over a discussion in a gym regarding the economics and expense of the music industry. In today’s tough world of making money in music, most music professionals can not afford an expensive attorney to draft up contracts for their career. John saw an opportunity to help artists by providing low cost legal help in the form of contracts, and consulting.

John M. Perez – Founder

John M. Perez is a former music industry artist, producer, online radio founder, and record label owner. He has put out over 2 albums in his career, and has worked with artists like Fat Joe, Ludacris, and many others in a technology and music capacity. He founded an Online Radio show called EGRadio back in 2005 which achieved over 1 million downloads on the iTunes podcast network. His passion for technology, music, and business brought him to launch OnlineMusicContracts. Com with the mission of helping artists to legally protect themselves while getting paid in their music endeavors.

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